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The first psychological concept defining the 'feel' of Project Torment is protagonist David Hamilton's self-portrait.

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Up to this point all the concept art for Project Torment has been around enemy design. While enemies are vital to the look of the game there needs to be more concept around the “feeling” of the game on a psychological level. These concepts need to define how the characters feel, how they view themselves and the world around them, and what kind of darkness they may not know lives within.

This post is the first in a series of concepts dedicated to providing a psychological backdrop for Project Torment. These items may not directly translate to locations or people found in the shipped game, but hopefully they will help provide inspiration during development. This series of artwork is done by the awesome Riley Schmitz (

For this post we have the game’s protagonist, David Hamilton, drawn in a “self-portrait” style. The direction for this was to imagine what would happen if David sat down to draw himself and while he was drawing a darkness began to seep across the page, turning the self-portrait into something more sinister. David has a history of Deproxitine use, an anti-depressant found in the game (and in the trailer if you remember!) that causes various changes in the user. He finds himself lost, as if the drug is taking over and the rest of him is fading away; a theme very prominent in this first piece of artwork:

Torment Awaits.

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