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The Portal: Inside icon has been modified and is now in its second version.

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Icon v2.0

The feedback I got on the icon posted in the last update was, to say the least, unexpected. Comments flooded in and icons filled my inbox and the comments. Taking all these suggested icons and all the received comments into consideration, I reworked the icon into something that I (and hopefully you) will enjoy much more than the first version. In the new version, I:
--Eliminated any blur around icon edges (for the record, this was more of a byproduct of messing around with GIMP than it was an intended effect.)
--Modified the portal graphic itself. To reflect the new P:SI portal colors, I decided to split the graphic into two parts. In my opinion, this makes the icon much more eye-catching than before.
--Finally, I decided to keep two things. One was the "shine" effect. I know some people don't like it, I know it's a tad overused, but I honestly like it, so it's staying. The second thing I kept was the blur around the portal graphic (although it's now more of a glow, as it was originally intended to be). It no longer looks like I simply resized the graphic; instead, it appears as if the portal is glowing. I like that.
Just as a quick note, I really do like this revision, which means that it'll probably be the one that I stick with (for now, at least).

So, Here It Is:

The P:SI Icon v2.0

As always, comments, suggestions, and questions are always welcome. Thanks for reading!

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that's still horrible, too much contrast in colours, rounded edges are too round (Use 10%-20% for them, not 50%), the portal logo itself needs to be smaller, it's touching the tops there, the over-used noob shine effect is too powerful, make it 5%-10% transparent, make the blurry glow effect 50% transparent or lower.

Another cool thing you could do is add a layer-mask to the shine layer (Right-click on the shine layer) and make a black-white gradient from the top of the shine to the bottom (Or the other way around, can't remember), so it's slightly faded out at the top and bolder at the bottom, you'll love that effect. You need to right-click then click apply layer mask after you've done that for it to take effect.
PM me for any help with GIMP at all, it's my choice of tool and I get paid for the digital graphics I produce.

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I know a lot of people won't like, but I love it, keep it up!

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while I can't say that xilefians critique is how i would word it, I have to admit that some of his advice is quite useful.

- corners need work, the circles need to be smaller.
- and try out the gradient effect. I used it in this example.
- Portal needs to be smaller. touching the edges is not good for this specific example.

The glow, well that's a matter of taste. Many people (and apparently you) seem to like it. And I guess that's all that counts.

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Other then the sharpness I love the new logo.

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WinstonSmith Author

@ xilefian:
I'm going for contrast here. The bright colors are meant to clash a bit and draw attention, and really, I think contrast is a matter of taste. I'm also going for the "button" look with the corners, not so much the straight rounded rectangle as in Patman42's (see below) icon. I'll also work on the shine gradient as well.
@ Patman42:
See above about the corners and gradient; also, why is touching the edges a bad thing?
@ Kaphei and Zemog:
Glad you like it.

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Touching the edges looks stupid, look at every icon that's inside a round-cornered square shape and you'll see they never touch the edges of the box they're in. It's just a #1 don't do with icon art.

You're going for contrast to draw attention, but it makes it look as if 4 colours were used.

I tried to help you, but you don't have to read my advice, I only get paid 50 bucks per icon I create, what would I know...

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WinstonSmith Author

First, "looks stupid" is a rather individual opinion.
Second, what if I don't want to look like "every icon"?
Third, could you explain what you mean by "four colors"?
Finally, I'm still working on the icon. I'm still modifying the shine gradient and other portions. Just because I haven't updated the icon here doesn't mean I haven't read your advice. Cool off.

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