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Hey all. A little article for you. Here is some info about our absence and plans for future.

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Upcoming in our mod:

1) (almost) Seamless open world with added new locations with ~4 times bigger , than original. There are 4 plot-driven transitions , and that's why it's almost seamless.
2) New models of transport , vegetations and surrounding environment.
3) New visual of stalkers (made by head.greid)
4) Our weapon pack made from resources of from such games , as Day-Z ; Escape from Tarkov and single models from different games and from different content makers.
5) Our own modification of X-Ray engine with dozens of unique possibilities , such as : double grass optimization using GPU ; Chunk loading of locations ; Particle cooler , and much more…
6) Changed environmental sound effects. For example , different footsteps sounds on dry and wet wooden planks.
7) Massive and not trivial plot , that can pull you in for 25-30 hours of gameplay and 3 addition episodes , that will stretch the walkthrough for another 10.
8) Our own author's soundtrack by Andrei Guchkov (Андрей Гучков)
9) New models of mutants and the improved changes in their reactions.
10) Horror elements and the improved difficulty of survival.
11) Upgraded stealth mechanics.
12) Absolutely unique UI by Rodion Lovchev (Родион Ловчев).

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