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Article specifically about a new aerial spellcaster for the Protoss, the Oracle.

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Protoss Oracle

- Aerial Spellcaster
- Each player restricted to 1 Oracle at a time
- Built at the Nexus; Requires Cybernetics Core

SP/HP: 60/100
Armor: 1
Weapon: Repulsor Cannon - 8+1 Normal CD 15 Range 7
Cost: 125m 100g 0 Protoss Supply

Force Field:
- Creates a barrier (size approx. that of a Photon Cannon or any other 2x2 building) at range 9
- Ground units cannot cross a Force Field
- Any ground units under a Force Field will be pushed out
- Any buildings under a Force Field will be unable to attack (but will function normally otherwise)
Energy Cost: 35
Researched at Citadel of Adun (Cost 100m 100g)

- Creates 2 copies of a target unit
- Enemy units will be able to differentiate between hallucinations and real units
- Otherwise same ability as from BW
Energy Cost: 75
Researched at Citadel of Adun (Cost 150m 150g)

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