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I'm explaining how the classic videogame industry is coming back.

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I was all these years playing games on pc and consoles, but there's something I noticed while playing games in my life, that the videogame industry is developing more retro games, the classic games market is still "alive".

The NES age, where all games were starting to give one step forward, was really very important for all tha games we see today. Why developers want to make more retro games? Because no one forgot the 8-bit age, simply because of this.

And this market will continue growing up, an example is Hotline Miami, a very polemic game,but it is consistent, it wouldn't be if it had not won so many award and good reviews. For god sake, it has a higher metascore than many graphically better games. The golden age of 8-bit graphics is coming back, and for signal, more powerful.

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