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Myself and a couple of other's working on the team, whom shall be named after the release of the beta, have been working diligently on a promotional/prototype for players to get a feel for what they can expect in the actual game. Here is a bit of a teaser for said promo.

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Various components are slowly coming together for the Phantasy Star Online Remastered project. Many thousands of lines of networking now exists and the serverside is almost in a state where we can start to develop core gameplay features.

Level design is in it baby stages but has come along very nicely, considering that a programmer is doing it, and will be fully demonstrated in the promotional demo that will be coming out soon. If you cannot wait that long then here are a few teasers of the level you'll have access to.

If you cannot view the full gif you're free to watch it here as an mp4:

And the link for this one:

Hopefully that's enough PSO to sate your appetite for a remake for now. We won't show combat yet, it's semi-working, because we'd like to leave a little bit unknown for suspense.

- Glader

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