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Check out the updated demo for dark, turn based RPG, Prometheus Wept!

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Hi there,

Good news! A provisional release of an updated windows demo is on Indie DB, will be available on Steam in the coming days, and will participate in the Steam Next Festival next week. Mac and Linux versions will be available in the near future. Here's a dev log covering the demo, which you'll also find in written form below.

Can you help with feedback?

If you have time to try it out, I'd really like to hear what you think. You're welcome to reach out any way, on Kickstarter, Steam, the forums, or email. With development entering the phase of public releases, I'm going to get the Timeslip Softworks forums going again, please consider signing up if you're interested in helping with feedback and testing. Just remember to drop me a message with the email you signed up with, as I need to manually activate the accounts to stop bots flooding into the forums.

About the Demo:The demo showcases around 50% of the first act. It's close to feature complete, with the notable exception of breaking down weapons into components. Content wise, the main questline is fairly polished, but there's not much to do outside that yet. You can expect the addition of smaller encounters and conversations to develop the world and the characters in later releases.

Act 1 Map

The map for act 1.

About the Demo:

There's a scattering of weapons, items, crafting options and perks. There will be many more in the final game. I've completed multiple balancing passes and combat should be manageable on normal difficulty. Crafting and dialogue checks are less tuned, but if there's time before the Steam Festival, I'll have another look at these. I'm also in the process of negotiating more music for the game to improve the musical variety.

Player Equipment

The player team, kitted out with crafted armour and weapons.

There were a couple of things I didn't get to, particularly improving automatic camera control, and some usability improvements, but it would be too high risk to try to deal with these now.

I look forward to hearing what you think!

All the best,

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