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Prometheus Update (1.0) by kovacadam see on the downloads section and read the readme

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Readme for Prometheus Update (1.0) by kovacadam

Put flypromto.cs, promcr.cs and prometheusrockets.cs to the installed Rebellion Version 1.5 Cleo folder.
Open text\american.gxt (or what you use) and add to the main table a DOCKOFF and a DOCKON entry and set them text ex.: Dock on, Dock off (you can skip thi step but in this case there won't be any text of the dock status)
That's all :D

There's an other X-303 at Sherman Dam :D Use this for this mod but DON'T GO TO HYPER SPACE WITH THAT X-303
If you near the X-303 press F12 and rings bring you to the prometheus (just with the new one)
If you on the X-303 press C to enter.
If you on the X-303 press F to exit.
If you drive it:
0-8 (Numbers): diffrent views
I+0 (Numbers): 1. weapon position
I+1 (Numbers): 2. weapon position
I+2 (Numbers): 3. weapon position
I+3 (Numbers): 4. weapon position
I+4 (Numbers): 5. weapon position
I+5 (Numbers): 6. weapon position
I+6 (Numbers): 7. weapon position
8 (Numlock with Numlock on): laser ahead (you can see it if you close to the water)
2 (Numlock with Numlock on): laser backward
Y: Exit from waepon mod

If you near the X-303 (nearer then like the rings situation) press N or M to fly in a F-302 from the X-303
If you in a Hydra/F-302/Deathglider/Puddle jumper/Al'kesh/Tel'tak press F10 to turn on/off the "dock" functions. The dock is a function if you fly with a plane to the left or right dock, the X-303 stop the plane and turn it to the right direction.

If you don't drive the X-303 (you are on foot or you drive something else or YOU ARE IN WAEPON MODE)
X + 8 (Numlock with Numlock on): go ahead
X + 1 (Numlock with Numlock on): swich on/off "fast mod" (it's not turn on "go ahead")
X + 7 (Numlock with Numlock on): turn left (keep moving)
X + 9 (Numlock with Numlock on): turn right (keep moving)
X + 5 (Numlock with Numlock on): stop moving
X + +: go upward (keep moving)
X + -: go downward (keep moving)

Maybe there are some problem if you use the prometheus on earth and the hyper space is not compatible with this prometheus so DON'T GO TO HYPER SPACE WITH THIS X-303

Note from Modding team : We are open to add some addon made by you on the downloads section , if you want to do like kovacadam send to me a pm with the video of the addon and if it's good we put it on downloads section for everyone can play with it ;). Addon can add new fonction , new weapon , new ped , new planet or new ship . But for the moment enjoy that addon

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