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The first of four back stories for the main characters of 4 Armies.

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In a small suburb located in Washington D.C., a man showers and prepares for work. An ace of aces, nicknamed by the military recruits as the God of the skies, he goes by Red Baron. After finishing his shower, he dressed up and headed down stairs. There in the kitchen, sat a large, sharp man, Jim, and a little girl named Lucy, looking up for only a moment from her coloring to say "Good morning, Daddy!" Baron leaned over and kissed her on the forehead.

Baron: Good morning, sweet heart.
Jim: Aww you’re so sweet. But I don’t swing that way.
Baron: Not you, you bloated idiot .
Jim: Damn, I liked it better when I was "sweet heart"!
Baron: Jim, are you gonna be alright with watching her?
Jim: C’mon, she’s like two, I can handle it!
Lucy: HEY! I’m not two, I'm five and a half!
Baron: Don't worry sweetie, I can guarantee you you're more mature than Jim will ever be.
Lucy: I know, Daddy.
Baron: I love you.
Lucy: I love you too.

With that, Baron turned to Jim, gave him a nod, and walked out the door. About an hour to the Andrew’s Air Force Base, where he is supposed to lead an air training drill, he is flying high in a single-seated, unique colored fighter aircraft, dancing around clouds. But soon, the thrill of flying is interrupted by the frantic buzzing of his radio.

Jim: Baron! Baron! Come in, please! Don’t ignore this, dammit!
Baron: Jim, is that you? How the Hell did you-
Jim: Never mind that, it's Flynt; He's back!
Baron: That’s impossible, Flynt's in prison!
Jim: He must have got out.
Baron: Sunava... where's Lucy!?
Jim: ...
Baron: Dammit, Jim, WHERE IS SHE!?
Jim: ...Flynt kidnapped her. I-I'm sorry, the bastard overwhelmed me, I couldn't do anything!

As if on a dime, the Red Death, Baron's prized plane turned and flew off. As his radio was filled with nervous chatter and orders from superiors to explain what was going on, he ripped it from the receiver and tossed it aside. It wasn't long before two more fighters took off and pursued him. Threatened with desertion and court-martial, Baron quickly flew between buildings, shattering their windows because of the decibels of the jets engines. It wasn't long before Baron picked up enough speed to lose his pursuers, as well as set off air raid sirens all over the capitol. "I know where he's hiding." Baron mumbled to himself. "I swear, I'll fucking kill him this time!"

After barely ten minutes of flying, Baron flew over an abandoned ship yard. Acting in desperation, he attempted to land his plane on a small field. As the landing gears touched the ground, the entire cockpit shook from the violent force. It only took a small ditch to send the aircraft's nose straight into the ground, almost knocking itself on it's side. Baron kicked the hatch out of place and jumped out running, not even looking back at the explosion his beloved plane was caught in. He eventually came upon an old tug boat, where a grizzly looking man stood.
Flynt: Ah, John my boy. Or do you go by Baron, is it? You always did know how to find me.
Baron: Flynt, where is she.
Flynt: Now is that anyway to talk to your dear old dad?
Baron: I forgot that man long ago when he murdered my mother.
Flynt: But she hung herself, remember?
Baron: Where is Lucy!
Flynt: Ha-ha, well, if she’s lucky ,she’ll be sold to a nice Asian, or Russian, maybe a Brit. I don’t care, but she’ll make some foreigner fuck happy. And I'll tell ya, there's no chance you'll be seeing her again.

Baron didn't wait another second. In one very swift motion, he drew a revolver hidden deep within his jacket, and slapped the hammer 6 times, firing off every shot into Flynt's chest. As he stood there, breathing in the gun smoke, his arm went limp. From out of the corner of his eye, four men, guns drawn, forced him to the ground and hand cuffed him. But the damage was done. Baron had lost the only thing he had left: his humanity.

Years passed, as Baron sat in a solitary holding cell, in a maximum security prison located in the desert. He sat there, on his cot, staring at the letter that he had received when he first stepped foot in the prison. The letter was handed to him by a mysterious gentleman in a black suit. He did not say anything, nor did the guards even pay attention to him. He simply handed Baron the letter. On the letter, "Lucy's Keepers" were wrote. Beneath that title, were three names: Petrov, McKenna, and Alistair.

Outside, he heard a familiar voice speaking. Baron, even after 10 years, recognized that it was Jim, and softly whispered, "Well, it's about damn time..."


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