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We have finished development on the game's prologue sequence! While more things could still be changed later on, we're beginning development on Chapter 1.

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Hello! This development update is to announce that the Prologue of the game is fully developed! Now, of course, we might come back and change things about it and add polish, but it is finished for now. Next up is starting work on the game's first main chapter, which we'll hopefully have ready by E3 for an in-depth look!

We also would like to remind everyone that all footage is very early on, and we don't plan to use as many default assets of the engine in the final game. For now, we want to do everything we can with as little budget as possible, so we can see how much we'll need later on, for any potential Kickstarter in the future.

We hope to share a LOT more during E3 this June, though it will be a video stream. We'll announce the details when it comes closer. Thanks for reading.

- Sam Morgan of Team Ultra

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