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Each day we are updating the mod, but hold image, read about WHAT we have to talk about the mod progress.

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In 2014 move the mod to greater graphical quality, leaving all the original textures, but being added a dash of reality. Also add 2 more maps for history.
In 2015 we will start rebuilding the maps, all original maps, but rebuilding them.
An example: In Escape, make some buildings, rebuild the foundations, do some abandoned tunnels, etc ...
The mod is not close to being announced the download, we are working on new animations, and ending to rebuild the animations of weapons, and added 10 new weapons. It's been a really hard work, but at the end of the tunnel appeared BE LIGHT, an experienced man in animation and special effects, and also knows how to work the Script language. His nick name is StalkerScarecrow, lives in USA, met him only through the Internet.
When we finish-new animations for weapons, and finish rebuilding the animations of weapons, we will drop images of the maps with the reconstructed textures.
We are doing the best for you players, and SHOC Reconstruction, will be renamed to Stalker Shadow of Chernobyl Remastered.

Credits :
Stalker Lost Mods Team

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