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Project: X Insurrection is a Sci-fi, War, Fantasy (Vampires) TC for Wolfenstein 3d SDL. It takes place in the year 2026 where Vampires and humans and other unknown beings living together. You play as Rain a half Vampire Half Human who finds out the Secret of a new breeds of vampires who wants to take over the world...

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Hey everyone I've been busy with other projects and It has been brought to my attention that the last few maps has some problems that need to iron out luckly I have went in there to fix the last few maps. I HOPE that this is the last one and that doesn't need another hotfix soo I've put together a 1.2 version of the game where you can download here:

Project: X Insurrection V1.2

I'm giving a separate Link to the Music here since its too big other wise

Download Here!

Also been working on a few things for my GZDoom Mod here are some few things to see

Bigger Elite Fencer

Engineer Bigger

Royal Base Bigger


I thought I give you guys a taste of what I've been working on since all thos map fixes.

That is All Enjoy!!!

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