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It is the Year 2026, Rain a half vampire Half Human is serving under Thomas the person who defeated Dracula a few years ago, Rain and his Brother Alucard has to fight a new waves of vampires calling themselves Neo-Vampires from an underground Bunker. Can Rain stop the New Breed of Vampires from wiping out the Vampire and Human Race?

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After 9 years in the making Project: X Insurrection beta is released I want to take the time to Explain.

  1. Why a Beta when it said V1.0? Because I want to make sure people are happy with this mod and all the feedback will be heard when V1.1 comes down the line. All comments and feedback are supoorted.
  2. Did you make this mod By yourself? Some Parts Yes but I was not alone...I had help from some in the wolf3d community to help me with troubled times making the mod without them this mod would have been dead.


  • 66 Levels (2 Acts, 9 Levels, 1 Boss, 1 Secret)
  • 14 Diffrent Weapons to carry
  • Logs reading them tells some lore about this world
  • Automap on skills 1 to 3 but on Skill 4 there is no automap
  • Many Neo-Vampires and Demons to kill
  • Weapon Zoom on some weapons not all just Press Z


  • Chapter 1 Is done by Penguindog55
  • Chapter 2 Is done by Penguindog55
  • Chapter 3 Is done by Lingyan203
  • Chapter 4 Is done by Lingyan203, Myself with WSJ (For Level 4-1)
  • Chapter 5 Is done by WSJ (Levels 5-7, 5-8, 5-9, 5-Boss are done by Penguindog55)
  • Chapter 6 Is done by Penguindog55







Project: X Insurrection V1.0 (Beta)

For Music

I'm giving a separate Link to the Music here since its too big other wise

Download Here!

Update: Hotfix!

(Fixed a Gamebreaking Bug that freezes your gun when shooting or reloading when Exiting a Level Also touched up one of the levels.)

Project: X Insurrection V1.0 (Beta) Hotfix

Please Enjoy your play-through Let me know what you think leave feedback in the comments!

Credits and the Readme will be updated in the Next Version!


this looks pretty cool

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best looking wolfenstein 3d mod i ever found on! Great work dev(s)

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