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Discussing community feedback and soon going into beta :D

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Hello there world of the internets :)

Madmanden here, Project Lead on Project Vanishing Point.

First here i want to thank everyone from the community here at MODDB for their support. We are overwhelmed with all the positive feedback you guys are giving us. And because of that i wanted to create a steam group where you can ask questions and get in touch with all the people behind the mod.

Steam group:

I hope you guys will use this group to get in touch with us. We really want the community more involved with the creation of the mod. If you got any ideas to how we can easily reach out to the community please post your ideas in the comments below.

And now to the more exiting news. Our alpha phrase on the demo is coming to an end and soon we will be in beta. This may not sound like much but it means we are one step closer to releasing the demo. There will probably not be any public betas but rather closed ones. If you wish to be in one of the closed betas please contact me or join the steam group. We need a lot of testers to make sure our quality is going to be top-notch.

There is not much more to say right now. Keep commenting on the images and videos we upload and tell us what you think and also what you think we can do better. Were not afraid of criticism and we welcome it with open arms. Because in the end the product will be better.

I will now crawl back from the internets to continue work on the mod.


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Perfect, I wondered when you would make one.

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