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Project Utgardr Pre-Alpha 0.1 is available and Patch Notes.

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Hello to everyone,
I'm Tronus and recently i started to assemble this creation to create something mythical and adventurous.
Writing below all the info regarding Project Utgardr...

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I'm writing this post to say that the new version of the game has been published and some fixes and changes has been introducted.
I'm leaving here below the Patch Notes for Project Utgardr Pre-Alpha 0.1:


- Climbing reworked and smoothed;

- Implemented a delay time to return in Climbing and camera adjusted for the Climbing nose;

- Climbing Stops implemented (work in all directions, need to locate well and debug);

- Now you can climb from an above position and jump backward now;

- Camera rotation interpolation during Climbing implemented;

- Climbing View Angle augmented also for the Lateral Climbing and increased the speed of the camera rotation in Climbing;

- Climbing with zones implemented;

- Climbing Hands IK (Inverse Kinematic) interpolation paused;

Climbing Up:

- Climbing Up reworked, more stable and smooth, rotation interpolation and Hands IK (Inverse Kinematic) implemented;

- Climbing Up camera smoothed and blended;

- Climbings and Climbing Ups delay decreased to 0.5 seconds;


- UI and Tutorials reworked and optimized regarding visibility, they last a bit longer too;

- Patch notes and Controls Recap panels implemented;

- Sara's current state image implemented on the bottom left corner;

- TronusGames logo inserted;


- Max time remaining increased to 21:12 minutes;

- Slightly decreased the jump force to 0.9;

- FOV changed: max FOV is 90, more of that distorces objects, min FOV is 81. It changes during Running.
Also changed the FOV velocity transiction;

- Removed a behaviour where the initial FOV was 100 and it switched directly to 90 at game launch. Not so well visually;

- Walkable step heigth lowered to 40;

- Lights, shadows and clouds adjust, Stationary Light implemented to improve the performances;

- Cannot skip Jump tutorial spamming Jump now;

- 1 shortcut has been dammed;

- Camera smoothing during some parkour movements;

- Removed a behaviour where restarting the game during a fall of a rock, would cause a bug where the rock
would not reset their position;

- Some Vrylroots has been relocated;

- Some pillars are now more easy to climb up;

- The grey lava flow and the menhir 17 models's quality have been increased;

- Added collisions to stalactites objects;

New Content:

- New Map content and new mechanic, the WallRun, in development;

- Wall Run fixes: less loop, more dynamic, not showing legs at the end, no wall run's facing surface check;


Project Utgardr is intended to be an exploration story based on parkour and with some puzzle to solve.

At this moment there is a playable Demo that tells the story of Sara, ventured in a far land and with an horrible threat hanging over her. She has to run out from that place, since her time is over...

In this small Demo you could find beautiful landscapes, mountains and a mostly rocky scenery where you need to scramble to reach the location to save Sara.

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