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We show recent progresses in the gameplay and map setup section.

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Project Update 5

in this update we┬┤ll show some more work and features from the strategy and tactic section - a part we had postponed for some time to get the Carrier Components done. The current version is

So here the first news regarding the Motherships:

Carrier / Motherships are one HQ Possibility per faction.
A Carrier is equipped with several substations that will influence the mission parameters like spawn production / tec production etc.
A Carrier is protected by a mastershield that is absorbing all damage frome the carrier hull as long as the shield generator substation is working.
The Carrier itself is protected with a bunch of plasmaturrets that will target hostile ships and torpedos or rockets.


The Carrier Hull can only be destroyed when the Shield has gone down - same goes for substations.
Turrets can be killed directly because they are "outside" of the mastershield ....
Current Carrier Model with mounted substations:


Example NPC Freighter Objects for more complex mission setups like "Embargo"


Interceptor Class Update + recent Hunter Class
Bomber Class is getting prepared


stay tuned for more updates in the future ....

please use the forum for any comments like ....
Questions / Ideas / Critics . . . .

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