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Leaving for the Marine Corps, Time is too short to complete this in a reasonable fashion. My mother is taking my laptop with her along with my work. I won't be able to thank jack when I leave. I'm without nothing now.

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Yes. You've read that right. Unfortunately, due to life circumstances, I cannot complete this pack for the time being. I'm leaving for MCRD on monday morning and I'll be there for 3 months. Plus the fact I'll have another 29 days of MCT, and 8 weeks of schooling. My mother is taking my computer with her tomorrow morning when she flies out, so there goes all my work with it. The only person who has a copy of my files from Opposing Force, Blue Shift, Decay, and the mods would be Sharpe. But it's up to him whether he wants to add on to anything or skin them or update this project or not. You won't have any updates from me myself anymore due to my absence. But don't expect Sharpe to release anything. The main person who releases content would be me due to me being pretty much the only person active on this project. But now I have to depart to fulfill my dreams.

The project is by no means dead. It's just on hold indefinitely until I get my computer back.


That's some bad news man... I wish you the best of the lucks out there!

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We'll all be looking forward to your return :>

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