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The latest status on how things are going with Pirates Adventure

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I will be posting updates periodically, so that you know what I am currently working on.

The project goal is to create a fully working demo. What that entails;

  • the complete core gameplay, interface and everything related to it
  • the collection mechanics (since we all love collecting stuff)
  • basic enemy AI
  • a basic boss
  • one completely playable level

Currently working on;

Art related

  • New rig for main character. Animations will also be addressed after that.
  • Weapon for main character.
  • Interface design.

Code related

  • Setting up ScaleForm for the interface (I need animations, so SF became necessary).
  • Researching interface code.

Currently paused

  • Further implementation of basic moveset. Before I can get that to work, I need to have a basic interface in place (due to skill switching and general feedback). The new rig is also necessary since I cannot make any new animations before that.
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