After A Long pause for helth issues we are now up and running again. We are revamping the site and board and have made some headway on the client as well. Please read the full article for more details or visit our site.

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Hello Loyal Supporters,As many of you know I have been struggling with major health issues. I m now strong & well enough to move foeword to complete our projects. To begin with we will be up dating & revamping the websites and message boards. We will be adding lots of fresh new content for all of you to sink your teeth into. We are also looking for help as well.. Coders Scriptors, Animators, SFX Staff, and anyone with 2142/BF2 editor experiance. Please drop by our forums for further info.

Now for the news you all have been waiting for.............

I m working as fast as I can to overcome CD key issues with the EA Software and other on line buggs that have poped up with the new EA Patch, Punkbuster changes, and other things that have drasticly changed 2142/EA Software Lobbies and 3rd party mods.

I have managed to over come the virus warning that was causing people useing Microsoft Security Essentials and AVG THis was due to the new EA patch re routing IPs and old firewall exceptions from the former clients DNS settings to the old servers. This made the client look like it was rerouting the program and caused the virus scanners to trigger a threat warning. Changes have been made and a script was added into the BMH installer pack to fix this error.

I have managed to fix and tweak some of the hardpoint issues we have been having that were more than comical. The commando is no longer shooting flames from its rear side and lasers from below its crotch. Missles are now launching from there pods and no long from the commandos feet and head.

The radar glitch that resulted from the deployment of ECM into the game client has been resolved for the most part. Once ECM is activated it will NO LONGER mask ALL mechs inside the map hex. It will only work on the mech it is installed on. ECM now shuts off and on via toggle keys properly and will no longer keep mechs cloaked after your turn it off.

Jump jets have been fixed properly. They now fire and are controllable by useing the WSADQE controll keys.The damage table still needs to be adjusted more .

LIMITED ANALOG JOY STICK FEATURES have been installed into the BMH Client. With the help of some other mod teams I have incoperated a Anslog Joystick Addtion to the BMH Client. For now you must manuly add a notpad script into your 2142 options folder to get it to work. We are working to add it to the OPTIONS MENU as a FULL TIME OPTION for the BMH Client. At the moment you have directional control , Fire controll, and SOME TYPES of THROTTLE CONTROLL.... I m Still working on torso twist and some other joystick features such as mapable joystick buttons via the BMH Client.

A new mech HUD prototype and new mech cockpit art work have been installed into the light mechs of the BMH Client We are working on the other 9 HUDS and cockpit artwork for those .

The Swift Aero Affack Ship is now for the most part completed. The bomb issue has been resolved and fixed. Now when You drop bombs you can see the bomb falling from the air to ground. the re-arm and reload issue has been fixed as well. Now when you land on the air pads or strips you will be rearmed properly.We have added a fule levle amount to ALL air ships.This will help balance the game out more. We have added a 30 sec lock down on the rearming/refuleing. This means the airship is locked into place for 30 sec while it is rearmed and refuled.THis is also a balance issue as well. We will add in truck art work and modles into the game ASAP to make things look more realistic.


As you know I have been working on setting up and hosting olur own full time servers. I thought I would have them up and running by now but I have run into alot of money issues trying to complet them and get them up and running proplerly. I m working on finishing them ASAP. Please excuse any hardships that this may have caused any of you

I will post screens and some vids soon as I can

Thank You All For Your Support!D1

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