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The third update for Project Spikes features an evil version of the laser turret, a wall-mounted laser, cube spawners and improved cube detectors, plus laser reflection surfaces.

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Here's another update, with even more lasers!

Project Spikes Update #3 - Images
Oh yeah, two lasers. Swag.

Double Trouble

The red laser turrets are evil - they'll try to kill you with death and dying and lasers. It's not enough to have just one laser either, they have two just to make sure. Also in this update are the reflective surfaces I promised last update - they're the shiny walls in the background of the screenshot above. They're used to guide lasers past barriers to activate laser collectors, a pretty fun feature.

Project Spikes Update #3 - Images
Reflecting lasers? How do I give you money!

You'll find these lasers in one of the newer tutorial levels, which have been split into smaller sections so people don't get overwhelmed by features. But that's not all the laser goodness I have in store for you my good people, because there's now a wall-mounted variety which stays static, so you'll have to dodge it without blasting it out of the way.

Project Spikes Update #3 - Images
Because moving about is soooooo mainstream.

What else is new?
Well, there's also two varieties of button that will activate events in the game - one you can press with the 'E' key (which can be configured in the startup options), and another is activated by shooting cubes at it. Both are found in the new tutorial levels. Along with this is a bit of new scenery, in the form of bridge and fence models, which break up the monotony of blue blocks.

Project Spikes Update #3 - Images
Ooohhh, bridges are cool, and so is the colour red!

To go with the new buttons, I've also added a new cube spawner which will plonk out a cube for you to play with. Of course, it'll only let you have one at a time, because any more than that would be greedy. The cube detectors have been improved massively too - now they actually steal the cube you put into them, so you can better tell when it's been activated. Both the spawner and detector need textures, and at some point I need to make a turret spawner, but this is a good start.

Project Spikes Update #3 - Images
Everyone loves the classic red button, what other colour would it be?

Thanks for reading, you can play this update right here on Indie DB, just check out the downloads tab at the top of this page!


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