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The first mod project of Atomic Crowbar Gaming has begun. A survival horror mod based around personal sin and overcoming the past.

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This is a horror mod thats based around telling a horrorific story of a man who's done everything wrong in life and must pay for it. This is a fairly new project still in the development stage, so all the support you offer us now is much appreciated. Below is a synopsis and general idea of what to expect with this mod.

Name: Sinner
Genre: Hl2 mod, fps, horror

Synopsis (Full story pending)
You take the role of a womanizing, drug peddeling, mob debbted lowlife in the big city. You hear that a new guy is selling this new stuff in the underground. Naturally curious, you go to check out this "New Stuff" in a ditch where this new guy supposedly resides. However, it turns out that its all a supernatural ruse. You start see'ing the personification of your sins in the form of victims of your actions and situations reflecting your own life and must survive the wrath that you have brought upon yourself.

Storytelling Mechanics: Story told in flashbacks and in situations. There may be an instance where you see the victim of drugs that you sold somone that killed them, and they approach you with a needle in their neck or patches on their skin where they have scratched themselves. Other mechanics include npc narration and environment reflecting on the PC's past (leaving the player to put the peices together him/herself)

Combat: Not reliant on combat. Start out with a melee weapon of sorts (knife, icepick, ect) and progress to pistol, shotgun, and other weapons. Enemies include the victims of your life's actions and the environment (puzzle solving)

Intended Length of Play: 1-2 hours (More if possible, but not likley)

Characters: Character chart is being drawn up

Current progress:

- Level design has begun
- Gameplay mechanics are being reviewed
- Team assembling
- Research and discussions of possibilities
- Enemy concepts are being worked on

If you wish to participate, send me an email at "" or visit Currently, we are looking for concept artists and moddellers.

This is Atomic Crowbar Gaming's first modding project, so all of your support is greatly appreciated.

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