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Updated alpha build of Project Shore which includes a number of improvements and bug fixes is now live! See description for update notes.

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Hey everyone! We decided to publish an updated alpha build which includes a number of fixes to some bugs that made their way into the game, as well as QoL and balance improvements. Get it here:

Project Shore 0.1.1 Alpha

In particular, we fixed a nasty bug that made the combat freeze when using a Decurse action (e.g. Ren's Cure ability) and lowered the difficulty of the harder battles in Day 2 and Day 3. They are still not a pushover, but should be much more doable. We hope this makes our players explore the less popular dialogue options - remember there are multiple endings depending on what choices you make. And don't forget you can switch the equipment of your characters around freely - experiment with gear choices and see what happens!

Saves made in the previous build should be fully compatible, so jump right in.

You'll find the full list of changes below.

Fixes and improvements in 0.1.1:

  • Added updated game logo to menus

  • Improved navigation and object layout in Village map

  • Added Enter key shortcut to apply changes in Settings menu

  • Fixed certain triggers activating twice and breaking progression

  • Improved camera occluder fade logic

  • Fixed Decurse actions breaking combat flow (stuck when using Decurse)

  • Tuned the balance to make the harder battles more manageable (you will still die)

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