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How we're going to bring Survival Horror back! No more over the shoulder shooting and no more hospitals for Christ's sake...

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The Survival Horror genre, as you may already know is on the steep decline into the abyss of mediocrity. The innovation stopped and with the swift and unprecedented rise of the shooter genre, Survival Horror developers played it safe. The majority of the gaming community now only wanted nothing than to kill things and to be told they did well at killing said things.

Survival Horror needs to go back to what made it so innovative and emotion provoking in the first place. Let us not forget the action hero movie/Resident Evil 4 clone (chainsaws included) that The Evil Within turned out to be. To show our dedication to what we are trying to achieve with Project Revival, here are a few key features that you can expect to see in the finished game.

  • Enemies that will overpower you if you try to engage in combat with them.
  • Combat will be at a minimum, as you will spend most of your time running away whilst crying like a baby.
  • Plenty of puzzles to keep you busy.
  • A large game environment.
  • Death means death. You will have 10 lives...If you lose them, game over.
  • A deep, interesting horror story.

There's more to come, keep your eyes peeled.

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