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A very late progess report on the mod. blah blah blah this needs to be atleast 50 characters blah blah blah.

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Well I told myself that I'd do these once a month, but Halo 4, XCOM, and a bunch of stuff that went for dirt cheap on the steam autumn sale have provided a lot of distractions x3.

Anywho, here's what is up.

about 80% of our sketchup models were successfully converted into something usable by soft image. the rest turned into something really interesting. Seriously if I can recreate what happened to the concordat frigate and screenshot it, I'll put it up. Like if you shoved every carnival ride on a boardwalk together in a furnace. Froydoy is trying to create something that won't disfigure, though I'm thinking maybe it's time we looked into other software for modeling.

In my spare time I did the easy stuff of gathering all the audio effects we will need for weapons fire and whatnot, and I have a neat little script of lines for when you click on ships and whatever. Lotta lines from the novels that I still had laying around with space combat in them. Most of the voicework will prolly be done by us three, but I'd like to get a female voice in there so hopefully I'll find a friend willing.

Guess you could say we're doing all the easy stuff first to make it look like progress is being made. So far, texturing is looking like a very daunting task.

I can't stress enough that this is a learning experience for us. We started off with very little understanding of the work involved in making a mod. As our knowledge and (hopefully) our skill increases, you'll see the mod start to pick up steam. Until then, keep the expectations low for my sake :p

Have a happy holidays all, that about wraps it up.
Oh and go vote for Dawn of the Reapers for mod of the year. Incredibly excited for that myself.

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