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Project Pulsation Developer Diary №2

Hello! I want to share with you the progress of the development of Project Pulsation.

Since the last newsletter, the latest build, a lot of things have changed in the game, its very concept, the story, and the gameplay is a little setting. However, what has already been done, is not going anywhere, just to be added something new, something redone.

First of innovation: Finally added elements of shooter. And now the game is likely not a little horror and shooter, and vice versa. However, puzzles, puzzles and stealth components are not going anywhere. Shadows are still immune from them only need to run, or hide, the same goes for the anomalies. However, other enemies can not be said. On them, by the way, there is a separate video that you can see here:

So now you have a futuristic gun and ammunition, which will need to look at the complex. It is not so bad. However, the enemies became more. Also, you have to constantly monitor the oxygen sensors that will inevitably come to an end (the scene is completely transferred into space and underground, but not our planet and an asteroid). The complex, of course, in some places, you can find oxygen tanks, but you have to hurry, as one bottle is enough for 15-20 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay.

Also added one special. capacity - slowing down time. In a difficult situation, when opponents too much, or you will go down in the elevator shaft, full of monsters and you need to make a big jump, it is a very useful ability.

As for the plot - the time for action - the distant future when humanity has spread across the universe. The protagonist - a kind of cosmic wanderer wandered through the universe in search of different kinds of artifacts that can be exchanged for a good reward. And, once he heard about an abandoned ghost ship, even some stations, the leading drilling on the asteroid, within which, according to rumors, was hidden a valuable artifact, he decided to go there. About station told different stories that those who enter into it, over there did not return, and those who succeeded, returning mad and told different stories about the ghosts that inhabited complex; that despite the fact that the complex is more than several centuries as abandoned, in some of its compartments all it remains like new, as though there is still someone lives.
Now the game does not start with an experimental room with a mathematical puzzle on the wall, and in a huge elevator shaft - the only one not covered with the entrance to the complex - swarming with monsters. And the first thing players have to do is make a difficult descent to the station, using the elevator operating platforms, making risky jumps into the web woven from thick cables, some of which are still under stress, as well as firing from the monsters. Here is the best useful ability to slow down time.
This descent is in the video, recorded directly from the engine at low settings, in some places visible errors and different inscriptions - they do not pay attention, it's all temporary.

By the way, the game is now running as checkpoints and conservation, though they, too, need to be further developed, since loading a save occurs chapters. The goal - to make a "Continue" button.
There are also thought to include the player in the game - well, can also be a space traveler from the distant future mp3? And, to some extent, this player is already implemented. Play it will mainly hard breakbeat music, and the like. However, it begs the question - and whether it is necessary in this game, where the main emphasis is on the gloomy atmosphere of the space station ghost, dark ambient sounds and randomly? On the other hand, why not? The player will have a choice - to listen to him "the game", or the music, as if the passage of the two styles. And if you listen to it as the selected monster, and so will know ... Anyway, while thinking, and I would like to hear your opinion. The player, by the way, you can generally never play a player.

I think the game is 70% percent done. Actually, I'm working on the beginning, the middle is already done, and the ending is left to do dopilivat and polished and come up with new storylines and new features. By the way, one of them has been implemented - mental impact on the psyche of Shadows, even at a great distance, expressed as a number of frames, flashing at a frequency of 0.1 seconds in front of the eyes of protagonist. The footage depicts various terrifying scene - hanging, monsters, etc. In general, you need to see.

In general, the game, with proper funding, could be much more. Now it comes out rather small travel time. And so the idea of ​​brewing a number of similar stations that could be the player to explore ... abandoned spaceships, all in a bit of a post-apocalyptic space seting. While on the other hand, it can be realized in the second part. And while the game will be dynamic, interesting and a little creepy ... At least, I'll try to make it so was.

Sincerely, your Vitaly Gintsar.

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