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There will be changes in plans for the mod, maybe permenant or temporaly.

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I have decided to make some changes in some plans so heres the what will happen...
I decided to make replace all sounds and add some new ones.
There will be many new sounds for probavly each event and there will be not future sprites in new version and there will be not edited sprites also in new version.
You will only replace sprites if you download 0.1 alpha version because il need to decide how to edit them and il need support for my mod.

I also planed to add one new nation if posible, if i could some how properly edit .bmps, resize them so i could add croatian nation,for now iam going to try a way to make more space and how to add units ingame but i dont know how for now, i hope that somebody has expirience for adding units and add properly new units in c-evo, i know that c-evo is easily modified but to add more sprites its probavly not posible to do, especialy with units and special units.

So i need people that have expirience making sprites for all games that uses Build and Wolf/Doom engines and also i want somebody that can figerout c-evos engine, i know that is c++, i think it is c++ !

So if somebody want to help, just contact me and if is posible to add units, sprites and change some stuff and the game is free and if is this all posible then we could make alot of total conversions and even make starcraft/warcraft in turn based, its not a bad idea!

Also we could probavly make like "planets" and that there is sea on planets and space, for that we will need alot of micromanagment i think.

If we could make "space" then we could make better c-evo with only humans and other rases.

I hope that it will be posible!

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