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Details about the direction of the project and more inside!

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Hello everyone!

Today marks the beginning of development on Metal Gear Arena!
The purpose of this project is to make a free, non-profit, third-person, fighting game based on the mechanical works of Yoji Shinkawa and a situation loosely based on that detailed in the Metal Gear Solid series (directed by Hideo Kojima).

... To put it simply, it's going to be a game where you fight giant robots with other giant robots.


  • Create a balanced combat system that flows naturally
  • Add a customization system that allows players to change things such as color, equipment, and even legs, heads and chassis'
  • Make controls in the game that are intuitive and feel correct
  • Create a team of individuals willing to help improve the game with suggestions and ideas about more directions to take the project


Currently there are two Metal Gear models in the works, and one that as is stands finished (save for animations)

We have-
Metal Gear Zeke Model
Metal Gear Zeke-
A fast, agile, lightly armored and moderately armed machine.

Metal Gear Rex head
Metal Gear Rex-
A slower, heavily armored and moderately armed Metal Gear

New Metal Gear concept
And Random Concept Metal Gear I just drew!-
Heavy Armor, Lighter weaponry, and moderate movement speed


We're currently in need of-

1. An animator
2. An environment modeler
3. A decent concept artist
5. A general sound designer
6. A texture artist
7. A mapper that works well in unity

Thanks for checking this out people, don't forget to click the watch button if you want to get more news updates and support the project!


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