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A short introduction about who I am, and a roadmap about the upcoming releases from "Project Khaos" for the year of 2022.

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Since this is the first post here, I would like to introduce myself: my name is Leon, I am an 18 years old student from Hungary and I am behind "Project Khaos".

As a child, I always liked playing - like honestly everyone - but right from the start my whole aspect and vision for gaming was a little different than the usual. I enjoy games not just because they entertain me - I like to think of games as an artistic experience, which is on the same level for me like a book or a film. My generation nowadays mostly plays games for adrenaline or for socializing purposes, and not really for things like me.

I started developing games back in 2017 when I found a YouTube tutorial about the Unity Engine. Over the years I've developed 20+ smaller prototypes, yet I didn't finish fully a single one of them.
A breakthrough was made in my life when I came across an opportunity and developed a game for the "30th Youth Science and Innovation Talent Search Competition". This is the biggest competition in Hungary for innovative things, so I really wanted to do something remarkable - and the end product was a mix of an educational role-playing game titled The main vision here was to make reading a fun habit for children - for this, I created a fantasy world with a strong objective and "gamified" reading as a core gameplay mechanic. With this game, I've won 3rd place in the competition.

In my free time, I mostly collect & play games, and read books, I have little to non-interest in anything else.

In 2022 "Project Khaos" will release 3 titles, which are the following:

  • M's Nightmare - This is the first game I have ever created in my entire "career". I still have the original project files, and I will use them to recreate with my current knowledge. It is a really short horror title, based on my friend's story, about his nightmare, that occurs to him every once in a while. My main goal here is to show how much my skills improved over the years.
  • Observations: 1992 - I started this project back in the summer of 2019 - for a long time I marked it as scrapped, however, I have a new motivation to work on it. It is a mix of analog and found footage horror, and it tells the story of several persons who have gone missing in very strange conditions... The game is about 25% finished from the programming side, and for the story part, it is mostly considered finished.
  • Untitled Horror Mixture - It is the most recent project from all three, and it is my current focus for now. The game is an interesting mixture of several genres, like text-based, visual novel, and choice-based adventure games. It is a collection of three, independent short horror stories - all the choices that the player makes will affect the endings.

I will be regularly updating the page about my current progress and achievements.
Thank you very much for your time, I really hope that you will like my work!
- Leon


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