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Project Jump has finally reached a playable stage on which we are now constantly adding content. Now, as you may have seen there is way to download Project Jump, this is because we decided not to sell this game till its reached a playable state with enough content , the release date might be pushed forward or even delayed to make sure we can deliver the best possible game experience.

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We have already integrated fully functional multiplayer, character selection and an "open world" progression system.
The co-op aspect of the game hasn't been touched by the game, we will do this at a later stage after we ensure that the main component of the game works as intended, and people who don't want to play with other people can also enjoy the game in Offline Mode.

What we mean by open world is simply the following:
You get into the game, there WILL be an optional tutorial and training program selectable from the menu if you have doubts with the controls or the movement which plays different to what you would expect.

You will spawn at a so called hub from where you can select 4 paths, which are called Challenge hubs, inside these challenge hubs there will be 8 Courses located, every Challenge hub has easy courses that scale up to an immense difficulty, this way the game is enjoyable for both casual gamer AND people who seek real challenge with loads of rage moment if you decide to go all the way.

You will unlock characters after completing certain marked levels or complete challenge hubs which are 100% visual and do NOT make the game easier for you, this is basically only useful for the multiplayer and co-op component which is the main part of this game.
Each character will not only look different from each other but also be packed with references and what we currently call "gestures", which are little effects you can do when pressing certain keys, for example Sanic which deploys a coin particle effect for other player to see, each player will also have a unique particle trail. (All of this is completely visual!)

This is a pain to mention but it seems like it has sadly become a standard in video game industry, the game will not have any sort of DLC, no character packs, no map packs or gesture packs.
Once you buy the game at the price of 2.49Euro (You really can't go wrong with that) you get all the content that will be released for the game, and yes, there WILL be free Hubs, challenge hubs and courses to expand the game's content even more! (Free maps basically)

We will also be including different game modes, we hope to release the game with:

- Main Game mode (This includes co-op, you are free to do whatever levels you want and interact with others players in multiplayer, go ahead and complete the levels and unlock new characters!)

- Endurance Mode (Which is a set of massive levels that also require to start again from the beginning, this is aimed at players who seek a challenge) and also

- Checkpoint Mode. (Which is a set of maps where you have to arrive to the end of the level in a certain time, reaching a checkpoint increases the time you have to complete the level).

You might have doubts about the visual style, but we are working on improving the visual style to make every course differenciate from each other, however this is not guaranteed.

If you have read all this, that means that we have caught your interest, that's great!
If you are fan of the idea and would like to be part of the game development, please write us a Private Message (Preferably xThatGuyx) to get the chance to polish the game as a tester, to find bugs and improve features. (You will get a free copy of the finished game as reward).

Thank you so much for reading, we hope you like it!
2SGames, Rene Bohn.

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