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More Projects with Smod: Tactical. What more could there be then just a Fix.

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We are so very close to the end of the road for this Fix, and it should be uploaded by Thursday, (hopefully). If there are any errors with it I ask you to please tell me. I will not have a chance to fix any of them tell August because of my plans for this summer, unless it's a small fix. From July 21- August 4 I will be on the 2010 boy scout jamboree. If any of you are going as well, I say welcome and come find me. find troops 814 and ask for the troops QM. Just putting it out there if your going. See you there if you are.

OK. now that I'm done saying "Hey come find me if you're going!!!!" As you know, and as I said up there ^^, Smod fix is almost done. I do have to say that this is not the end of it. And I don't just mean that there will be updates and other fixes, there will many more things planned for Smod:T. But What is it? That for now is a secret. But stay tuned for info on it.

Please note that most fixes have been applied, The AK however will still be shiny. I don't know how to fix that.

Well thats all I can think of for now. stay tuned for more info. Because it's coming.


Now if only the latest Outbreak would be put back up D:

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