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The project is temporarily dead, please wait while I rethink my life choices.

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Hi, to anyone who still cares about the project, Darkness Collapse is Indefinitely on hold. I have been working on other projects aside from this due to huge opportunities outside of doom. Level 2 is complete and I will be releasing it within a few days after publishing this article. My current plans for the 3rd level are huge and it is currently 25% complete. Aside from this, I need to focus more on school because they are taking a huge beating due to me being way too distracted easily. I want to do so many things at once, but the reality is starting to come to my senses, I am stressing myself out unreasonably, I know this seems like I am just trying to give up just like Invasion Tech support, but my real-life issues are starting to bite me back in the ass. I am falling behind class. This was a tough decision to make because all these projects were extremely fun, but I have to be realistic and choose one that might positively influence my future. I don't want to be making free video game addons for free for the rest of my life, living by the paycheck. I don't want to live the rest of my life dwelling in my parent's house because I have become so absorbed with my video games. I hope you guys understand my decision in making this and I hope one day when everything gets better in my life, I can get back here and have fun again doing these amazing projects. Like I always say to myself, thought the future may look hopeless, never be afraid to look forward to a new tomorrow.

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