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I had an idea , and I decided to change it to make it better :D hopefully it will be as good as I am thinking.

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Hello again Ladies and Gents,

I know its only been like what? a day or less since I last updated, but I decided I might aswell fill you in on what I have thought up, and then you`ll know whats going on in future.

Originally I was planning on having Limit Release as a series of god knows how many episodes stretching along those episodes would be all the work I have done uptil now , but I realized today after how much work I put into everything so far and the 2 mins I got out of all that work, that making a series and having constant supporting characters, naratives and such is going to be one hell of a task to work out.

So instead I changed the idea slightly so its an animated movie/OVA, basically what does that mean in the long run for you?

Well, you get to watch one huge ass movie with alot of AC related content in it, and get to marvel at the awsome-ness of Unreal Engine as it renders everything. As for me, I get to focus on the building of the main assets, namely the AC`s , the main antagonist (Dont want to spoil anything), and the smaller pieces to go with it, instead of working on one episode now and again and then throwing it out and then starting on the next one.

Its still gonna start more a less how you saw, in the two min preview, Limit Breaker Vs Azure, when that fight is concluded the rest of the story will continue, the plot following the pilot of Limit Breaker as the story unfolds I hope to do alot more in the way of stretching the AC universe out and opening it up for more fan creations.

Expect alot more epicness from me in future...



So... I'm a little confused. Are you saying that you'll have your own cast of voice actors and a script and what not? Again just looking for clarification.

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If this is the case, let me be the first to volunteer for voice work! Seeing that your going to be changing this into more of a movie, I suggest looking for a lot more help, rather than tackling it yourself.

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