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Since my last news article alot of development has been going into the new maps and on top of that a clan has taken the opportunity to test out an alpha version the Neo Lost Temple map.

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Hey everyone,

I have been holding off on posting any recent news regarding what's been happening with the project, but i feel it has been too long since my last news update and i also feel you guys should be aware of the recent developments I've been working on.

So alot has been happening, finally. I have been working flat out on the project with what spare time i have during the week and have made some considerable improvements since the last news article. I basically spent 2 months making new high resolution icons for the new maps and unfortunately found out i had reached the maximum map size of 8 mega bytes, before i could finish off all the new icons for eveach race. So I've now been reducing the icons sizes by 3/4 to what they were originally which should make heaps of extra space for AI scripts and more models and skins to be added. I have also been adding in alot of new upgrades from Starcraft II which i hope will give players more options and provide more types of strategies during game play.

I was lucky enough to obtain a copy of the Starcraft II beta version and this has helped me get alot of upgrade and ability icons for each race as well as heaps of other things like tool tip information on everything i am putting into the maps. The possibilities of new terrain skins is also something i will look into but i would really like to make AI scripts for the maps, for everyone who has asked me time and time again to add this feature.

Now on top of all this great news, i have entrusted a clan/community of fans with an alpha version of the new 'Neo Lost Temple' map, which is the base map for the new version 7 maps pack, i hope to release sometime this year. I have done this so a proper testing phase of the maps can be done and any minor bugs or errors rectified before a fully finished map is released to the public. This is something i have tried to do by myself in the past and have never been able to find every single bug prior to releasing any new maps. The Clan is also tasked with acquiring new screen shots and videos of the alpha version which i will post as soon as i receive the material from the clan. So for all of you who can't wait to play the new maps, you might just come across this alpha version on one of the servers.

I currently don't have any new screen shots or videos to post up as not much of the maps has changed from last set of screen shots i posted back in December 2009. As soon as new material is ready i will post it up on this site so everyone can be notified and keep up to date with what's happening.

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