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Really bad news: Xarelok is dead and the development will no longer be continued.

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Really bad news: I feel honestly sorry and ashamed to announce this project is dead. This means I have made promises that I couldn't keep. We feel we don't meet the criteria we expected to meet, and we believe it's better to disappoint you now rather than later with a release that's not fun.

Although I guess this won't already ruin your year...

I wish to honestly say

Pardon, friends.

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that you think Xarelok will not meet the criteria you expected to meet is not something really bad, because it's insanely hard to make exactly that what you hoped to be making.
Still, i have followed this project with enthusiasm and am a bit disappointed about the sudden death of it. although i do understand it. it takes a huge amount of time and effort to do so, and finishing it well takes another huge time and effort, to get all bugs out etc.

still, why not release it as it is then?
because now it will be left laying around somewhere in you're room on a dvd or cd, and soon it will be completely lost. by releasing it as it is, (with the message that it is a never finished beta or something) then people can still play it. and for sure will there be people that still like it.
i hope you will consider this, although i assume you already have done so. a real shame guys, but no hard feelings.
hopefully you will go on developing, and maybe you should then choose for a better engine that gives you much more freedom.

thanks for the updates over time, and success with whatever you will do next....


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Thanks a lot, Leon!

We thought about releasing what we've got, but the thing is: There was too much left on the to-do-list even for the first levels like voice acting and story elements that would make such a release nothing else but a rather bitter gameplay experience without levels that really make sense, as you sometimes really don't understand what's happening.

We will probably launch a new project soon, we'll stick with FPSC (sorry), but use the latest engine version that allows post processing effects, ragdoll and much more. However, I've learned from this not to make any further promieses :(

Once again, for your interest: Thanks a lot!

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sad :-(

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RancidRandy - - 663 comments

I'm sad to hear this, but I'm definitely looking forward to your next project.

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_dhk_ Author
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Thank you very much!

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If the project is never going to be finished then I would release the source code so maybe some other developer can take up the torch.

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You should share your project on the current stage of development with sources!

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Too bad, I was really interested in seeing what Xarelok would become in the end. I was never really concerned about just fun, but also about the design process and pipeline. You guys have done a great job at working with the community and creating your own original content.
I know there is way way way too many games to compete with... and expectations are high from us gamers...
I hope you all have learned a lot about the media and apply it to a new game.
I'll keep my eye out for your next project.
Thanks for all the great communication and screenshots.

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_dhk_ Author
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It's me who has to say, honestly, * Thank you * for the communication! To you and the community.

All we've learned will for sure be used in the future. And sometimes, a new start, although at first it may be painful, isn't the worst thing.

Expect a news post right here to inform all followers of Xarelok about the new project when it's running, so everyone who likes can easily make a switch ;)

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great idea Dominik, to place a link here ones you have one, so people can follow you're new project. and it's true, you have learned a lot and this is from a high value for a next project. making mistakes is the best way to learn things. maybe i can make a small suggestion, and that is to start out with a small project. to many people who start with a game or mod start out with a huge idea/project, and the change that it will not be finished is then quit large. also can you maybe use things from this game for you're next game, this saves time and effort.

i do understand now why you will not release this not finished game, when it does need that much that you indeed can better not release it.

success and i will follow you're next game,
although it is a shame that you will choose again for the same engine. the latest version is indeed way better as the earlier ones, but still, when you compare it with the engines that are available right now then it does have a bit of a odd and old feeling to it.
still, that is just my personal opinion. just follow you're hart, its you who has to put in all the time and effort to make something decent, so it is important that you use that program that does fit best to you.


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