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Some useful information on Project Chaotic, and the plan forward.

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This project started with a goal to be a spiritual successor to Ogre Battle. Actually, it started just before that as a raw design doc for a hypothetical game. I quickly became eager to actually see some results so I opened up Unity and started.

Right now, this game is a bare-bones, proof of concept. It's a platform for testing out ideas. I have no desire to complete the project in Unity, but there is a good chance I won't have the opportunity otherwise. The Unity version of the game will eventually seek to be fully multiplayer, and test out virtually every aspect of the project.

For this POC, I am going to be settling on a low-poly artstyle. Perhaps if the Unity project is successful I can start looking for extra resources to improve the quality. There is no team working on this at the moment. The code, writing, art -- everything is being done by 1 person.

I'd be willing to accept a concept artist's help, to draw out something more representative of story and gameplay mechanics. Until then, I'm in the middle of hammering out a UI, and finishing up a "official" test map. The current screen shots just so random elements thrown together, to test the code structure.

For anyone interested, the first uploaded build of the game can be found here:
The full design doc can be found here:

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