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I refused the HL2 remaster due to lack of experience in modding

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I refused the HL2 remaster due to lack of experience in modding, and due to the fact that there are people who can do what I want: HL2 on Source2, HL2: Remastered collection, and so on. I think in the future I will continue development, but while I have a lot of other ideas, like cool mods or games that will not be related to the Half-Life universe. HL:Plus itself was not a remaster, it was an addition to the game, that is, more open locations, more enemies, weapons, but not like Overcharged did, but in a completely different way, you can say: Half-Life RPG, I don’t I don’t remember what I wanted to implement then, if at least someone reads it, then if someone needs it, I can find old HL:Plus builds and post them, that’s all for now, thanks to everyone who waited, good luck, and wait for the announcement of my new project, bye!

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