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hi guys, it's been a while now. here's a small heads up for this time.

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Since last time, many things have changed. all changes have been made in our new engine update, nice thing is we have such great news to share.

I recently began creating multiplayer integration.
A small idea is to create a so called "Real life" system. the purpose is to get gamers on their feet!

I will explain what is meant here;
Playing a game is very nice, we all agree that since we are gaming and creating... but still health is very important. to get a gamer more active in real life as in game life we will integrate networking which is linked to a smartphone app. the gamer is playing his game, and after he walks away of his system and activates the app, he could get awards by getting to several players. they will NFC connect their phones and when the system detects an interaction, points will be granted.

after collecting several points the player is able to get more weapon attachments, new weapons, in game secrets and much more.

to ensure the player isn't tagging along with the same friend... it will have active time stamps. after 24 hour you are able to tag again.

just a small idea, let me know if you like it or not! there will be a decent multiplayer system! but that will be a surprise ;)

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