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A small, development update from Play Nimbus over the Thanksgiving week.

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Another week, another update on the development of our upcoming game, Project Asteroid. Seeing how this week was Thanksgiving in the United States, the team all went home for the week to be with our families and have free time to relax, eat turkey and do some work on the game. While not much was done this week, there still was a few things that have been improved upon and created. On a side note, if you are looking for more information, and missed last week's update, be sure to read last week's crunch update here.

Particle Effects

Throughout the week, our programmer, Adam, has given us updates on what he has been doing and the current state of the game's engine. Earlier this week Adam showed us new effects on the explosions. While at this point it's still simple, this does show the project getting closer and closer to being a completed prototype.


Earlier this week, we've been talking with a few other companies and studios in the area and have been building good relationships to help our project as we move closer to having a prototype ready to show. These partnerships will ultimately be able to help us bring you a better game in the long run. While we aren't announcing anything right now, you will know about them... soon. ;)

Moving Along

Everything else with the project has been moving along quite well. We are working hard on getting everything nailed down so we can get to a point where we feel comfortable where things we will start talking about will not change. This means the official reveal of the project is on its way.

Looking for an Artist

We are still looking for an artist to join our team. Anyone who is able to do 2D sprites and/or concept art, feel free to check out our jobs page and contact us. We are willing to talk to anyone and work any deals in terms of compensation for your work.

More next week

That's it for this week. We don't have much to share due to the holidays, but be assured that next week we will have an update and possibly some more pictures similar to last week's crunch update.See you all next week!

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