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New concept art and a quick gameplay video for Play Nimbus' upcoming game project dubbed Project Asteroid

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Another week, another development update from Play Nimbus with even more information regarding our upcoming projects. This week we are bringing you a lot of new information, and while we are still not revealing exactly what Project Asteroid is, we do have some new information regarding it and even some new visuals to show off.

Sit back, relax and enjoy a brief update on what we've been working on this week.

As a quick note, the Play Nimbus website contains a gallery with a few bonus images not located here. Click here to goto our website!

New Artists

In the past few weeks, we brought on not one, but two brand new artists to the Play Nimbus team. Our two new artists, Steve and Ryan both are located in Worcester, where we are located, however are not students at Becker, like the core team is. Steve has had experience in the industry, working for various development teams, shipping a handful of titles already. Ryan however is a student over at WPI, which is up the road from where we are located.Both Ryan and Steve have brought a lot to the team, currently creating excellent concept art for what will soon be characters in Project Asteroid.

Project Asteroid Concept Art

This week, with our two new artists brought on board, we have had some new concept art designed. Below we have some early concepts for what some enemies and maybe even your character. I'm not saying what is what, but you can take your guesses. Be sure to let us know what you think of the art too!

Level Design

Now, we aren't talking how our game plays just yet. We'd like to get things just a bit more polished before we start doing that. However, our level designer, Jon, has been hard at work doing some early concept designs as for what a level could potentially look like. Take a look below and let us know what you think so far.

Engine Development

Adam, our lead programmer took the week to recode our game's engine. We are currently in the process of making the engine more efficient. We don't have much to show, but on the other side, we do have a small little video of us messing around with some variables in the weapons system. Just note nothing is final, at all and that graphics and level design are not implemented at all. This is just a "for fun" video we've decided to show you. Much has changed already. ;)

That’s all for this week!

That's all for this week! We don't have much else to say right now. We feel we've shown too much as it is. For now, we have a wrap up gallery on our website, with a few images you might not have seen above. We hope you have a great weekend and be sure to stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook pages for more hints and information about Play Nimbus and Project Asteroid.

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