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For the latest information about the mod you should visit our website at and also subscribe to our YouTube page as we will be releasing tutorials and directors commentary over the next few weeks and months.

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For the latest information about the mod you should visit our website at and also subscribe to our YouTube page as we will be releasing tutorials and directors commentary over the next few weeks and months.

It is highly recommended that you play on normal difficulty during your first play-through, unless you prefer easy and are unaccustomed to first person games. Many changes have been made to AVP 2's general game-play mechanics. Single player training messages have been modified to reflect the changes and focuses of weaponry in PROJAM 5. These messages only appear in easy and normal difficulty.

The PROJAM Team is not responsible for any damages this modification may cause to your computer, your life or your sanity. You frag at your own risk.

The PROJAM Team authorizes you to redistribute this mod so long as it remains unmodified from it's original form, which includes all documentation. A lot of heart went into this mod, and as a group of creative artists, we wish to preserve it, as is, for posterity. We do not authorize any distribution of this mod as part of a compilation pack (collection of mods, all-in-ones, etc).

We do hereby authorize our custom content (models, skins, sounds, etc) to used by other modders for their own mods so long as appropriate attribution is extended to the PROJAM Team. This attribution must be included in the author's own publicly released mod documentation as it has been done since the dawn of time. Our only stipulation is that, if you are using leaked AvP 2 source code for your mod, we want no part of it. We will never authorize our content to be released publicly in any such mod. The PROJAM Team shall not be held responsible for any liability and/or damages resulting from such a release. By downloading the AvP2 PROJAMv5 modification, you agree to these terms in their entirety.


There are many issues that you might encounter with Alien Vs. Predator 2 on Windows 10 machines. This is due to the game itself and it's limited compatibility with 64 bit operating systems. You may need to tweak your configuration in order for it to run it correctly. You may experience MFC related crashes while running Alien Vs. predator 2. This isn't PROJAM 5's doing. Google is your friend. Use it and you will see that there are plenty of forum threads detailing crashes, and possible solutions to make the original game playable. Fix it, then start our mod.

We made the game work on Windows 10 by using Windows 98 / ME compatibility mode, and running the game as an administrator. Also, many issues can be avoided by installing to your C:\ drive as Windows write-protects many Programs and Programs X86 on Windows 10. We urge you to experiment with the program's troubleshooting settings to get the game to run. We obviously got the game to run else we wouldn't have been able to create the mod in the first place. What worked for us may not work for you, so you may need to try several different methods to launch the game.

Flares will sometimes only illuminate a small area when they should illuminate a large one. When you start a game, throw down a flare to see if this happens. If your flare is large, the flare is fine. If your flare is small, then exit the game and restart it. Sometimes AVP 2 is just geriatric. Restarting helps.

The Shuriken was modeled to spin while it flies and the model will spin for a short period of time even after it lodges into a wall. This cannot not be helped and it's a known minor issue we can live with.

Some Drones will sometimes attack and wall-walk in a bi-pedal stance due to their new attack and movement animations. Their feet may also occasionally clip through the floor. Unfortunately, we can't make the Drone's behave in their awesome new fashion without a drawback or two. It can't be fixed without restoring the Drone's default attack animations – which were just ugly. We'd rather Drones occasionally attack from a wall on two legs or clip sometimes than be ugly!

When creating a new game, you may notice strange character animation anomalies occur during normal gameplay and scripted cut scenes. If you see this happen, exit the game and re-start. This should correct the issue. We're unsure why this sometimes happens, but we've confirmed that starting a new game will fix it. Did we mention that AVP 2 is geriatric? I'm pretty sure we mentioned that...

If you enter the game and see that your resolution is 640 x 480 after setting 1920 x 1080 screen resolution in the command line: Go to the Options>Graphics Menu. Simply press the back button, and the game will reload with your high resolution settings. You may have to do this each time you start the game, or you may never encounter the issue at all. Do not change the resolution in game! It can sometimes permanently alter the game's resolution settings and will ignore the command line.

Towards the end of the Escape mission, you will encounter a door that will open and two corporate guards and a scientist will be present. It is imperative that these three AI be skipped by pouncing past them and into the pit below where you encounter your first Predator. If you do not sprint through this door, pass these AI and pounce down to the fight the predator fast enough, the game will crash and return you to the desktop. We currently have no fix for this issue. Be sure to save your game prior to this point. If you failed to save, you will have to restart the level and save before this door opens. You can also skip the end of the level when you reach this point with <cheat>mpxfiles if you get frustrated.

The Orbital Strike weapon will instantly detonate when impacting an enemy. This cannot be avoided without hard coding it not too. Since this mod doesn't use illegally possessed source code, we can't change that. We simply aim at the ground near an enemy and fire. We did the best we could with the limited tools Monolith provided us with – and things turned out nice. Not everyone can say that.

The glaive pickup appears as two extended wristblades in game. That is correct. We did not include an HH model because we turned the AI Predator's Spear into the new extended wristblades so the animations would work. We wanted the AI Predator to use wristblades for melee, and this was the sacrifice we knowingly made to see it done. We can live with it.

PROJAM v5 works best as a stand-alone modification. As such, we highly recommend that you disable any other active modifications while playing PROJAM v5 to prevent your game from being the victim of a catastrophic orbital strike! Alright. So it might not be that bad. But your shit will crash - Or tear a hole clean through the fabric of space time. We.. can't really be sure...

Step 1: Extract the PROJAM5.REZ file to your AvP 2 base directory. The default installation directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Fox\Aliens vs. Predator 2\
(If you installed AvP 2 into another directory, then please substitute
this path to whichever custom directory you chose for your install)
Step 2: Start up AvP 2 and on the launcher menu, click 'options'.
Step 3: Type in the command line as follows: -rez AvP2-PJ5.rez
Step 4: Once in the options menu, click 'Always Specify'
Step 5: Open your autoexec.cfg in your installation directory and then find the
following entries. ScreenWidth, ScreenHeight, GameScreenWidth and GameScreenHeight.
Change these entries to the following variables for maximum resolution:
"ScreenWidth" "1920"
"ScreenHeight" "1080"
"GameScreenWidth" "1920"
"GameScreenHeight" "1080"
Step 6: Click on the play button to begin a new game.

If you absolutely cannot get this mod to work, we offer no further support beyond this documentation.

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