A summary of recent things that have happened involving the 'mod'"OVERDRIVE" Don't expect much, I get a bit carried away in this one.

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A before and after: Overdrive (see thumbnail)

This mod isn't dead, i'm sorry for the lack of updates to this point but i'm a one man team working on something I hope I can capture the hearts and minds of you people with. Overdrive has come a long way from it's predecessor (Which can be found on and is starting to look like what I've hoped it would all this time.

I'm implementing custom sounds now and the story is becoming more and more advanced as time goes by. I would show some stills of the mod as it is now, but recently the hard-drive of my computer died. Luckily I managed to save the overdrive files to the latest point possible, meaning I still have all it's content. (phew!) So far the level design is proving tedious and time consuming, but still the show must go on. About 2 weeks ago one of my friends on steam approached me about the mod and asked what it was about, it was only then i realized i hadn't worked on it in a while and that I should probably inform you guys on it's progress.

Anyway, onto the real news. So far I've got 3 levels all linking up to eachother.

---------------------------------------------A SPOILER ALERT OF SORTS-------------------------------------

The first level is The character you play as waking up from a car crash, slowly finding his way through a forest and eventually meeting up with a group of local residents. They take him towards the nearest train station where he is greeted by one of their close friends (Christopher) who gladly obliges in helping him get to the hospital safely. whilst aboard a large amount of fire breaks out on the train, and the driver is sadly killed. Christopher and the player have to find their way to the top of the train in an attempt to avoid the spreading flames. (This is all done on a time counter) The train speeds into the unknown, a cloud of thick fog. The front of the train plows through a railway crossing, bringing several other vehicles with it before it crashes through an electrified wire fence and into the overdrive facility.

---------------------------------------------A SPOILER ALERT OVER----------------------------------------------

That's basically it so far. The animations and travelling is pretty basic so far. That bit will probably be left to last as far as the mapping of this mod goes, mainly because I've always been told to save the best till last. But as already stated, the plot has changed quite a bit and still will change overtime, because to be honest, that first bit is a little cliche.

Anyway, I hope to be able to post some new screenshots soon, once my computer's fixed and to finally get cracking on this mod; maybe even get a team together.

Thanks for your support!

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