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I am afraid that progress on the mod will be slowing, as I am nearing completion of my Associates Degree, and must really concentrate on school right now. However, here's a brief preview of the 306th entry team, the squad that failed before you. The movie will center around these six characters, and they will all appear in the mod as well.

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Name: MSGT Timothy Bradley
Age: 34
Height: 6 ft 2
Weight: 216 lbs
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Blood Type: B –
A Marine Master Sergeant and commander of the 306th entry team.
Timothy Bradley is the best Marine America has seen in some time. Expert marksman, genius strategist, and commanding leader, Bradley knows what his people are capable of, and how to get the most out of every man in his command. Bradley graduated top of his class in his sniper courses, and opted out on a chance to become a warrant officer, because he didn’t want to “Get lost in politics.” He looks down on officers, and doesn’t trust anyone who isn’t enlisted.
Best friend and mentor to Gunnery Sergeant Jonathan Stokes, Bradley considers Stokes the crowning achievement of his career, though he left him in Washington to run recon for the mission. Bradley fights hard to defend his team, and his only obligation is to his men.
He and Staff Sergeant Erica Briggs had a short tryst on assignment in Nepal, but this is generally kept under wraps, as it was just prior to her engagement to Lau, and Bradley, like Marshall, is married to the service, and has “No time for women and their squabbles. Men are dying.”

Name: SGT Stephen Marshall
Age: 27
Height: 6 ft 10
Weight: 295 lbs
Hair: None
Eyes: Brown
Blood Type: AB+
A Sergeant in the USMC and member of the 306th entry team.
Known affectionately by his friends as Marshall, Stephen knew at a young age that he was destined to serve his country. Marshall was a large child, and by the time he got out of high school, the man was a tank. He was a linebacker for Ridgemont High’s national champion football team in 2016 (his senior year), and also anchored the men’s wrestling team, which made it to Regional’s, but fell short when a member of the opposing team tried to handicap Marshall in the locker room prior to his final match. Marshall nearly killed the young man, and was immediately disqualified from the competition. Had Marshall not been dsq’d, the team would’ve been national champions. He was offered a scholarship for each of his sports, full ride, but turned them down in favor of the United States Marine Corp.
Marshall is the powerhouse of the 306th entry team. Nearly indomitable, his teammates have come to rely on him for feats of strength and valor. Marshall is a good shot with an assault rifle, but is a magician with a pistol, firing an impossibly delicate half- inch spread with 5 shots at 100 yards. Bradley puts a lot of faith in Marshall, and knows his strengths and weaknesses. Bradley acts as Marshall’s compass, calming him when he gets over- heated, which happens quite often.
Marshall’s time at Ridgemont is no coincidence. Marshall’s physician as a child was Dr. Hyde, and the young boy was scouted, studied, and secretly injected with a time- released variant on serum 503, which when activated turns him into the original Titan near the end of the movie. He will be a big boss in the game, and has a special affection for Alexis, following her around like a lapdog.

Name: SGT Matthew Carter
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 210lb
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Blood Type: B+
A Sergeant in the USMC, and sniper for the 306th entry team.
Matthew Carter never intended to go into the service. Instead, he was determined to be a doctor, preferring saving lives to taking them. His father, however, would hear none of it. Carter’s father was a Marine, as was his father before him. Though he protested at first, he was eventually wooed into the service with the everlasting promise of doing a great service to his country. He is exceptionally bright and is a quick learner. Though he’s not very outspoken, when push comes to shove, he makes his presence known and voice heard. During his training he was very stubborn and reprehensive, but eventually he fell into line. Carter is one of the best strategists that Bradley has met. He also is a damn good shot, one of the best snipers in a long time to come out of the corp. During his down time he is either reading, working out, or just helping around the base with whatever needs done. He secretly has feelings for Angela, but dares not speak of them, instead quietly hoping she’ll recognize his feelings and return them in due time.
Name: CPL Angela Morales
Age: 22
Height: 5ft 11in
Weight: 125lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Blood Type: O-
A Corporal in the USMC, and a member of the 306th entry team.
Corporal Angela Morales was always a trouble child. She was expelled from every school she entered, and kicked out of every home she was sent to during what she refers to as her “Tour of America’s foster homes.” Angela was an angry child, and as an outlet for this anger, one of her many foster parents signed her up for a self- defense class. He soon found, however, that he had created a monster, and after an argument that ended in blows and hospitalization for her foster father, Angela was removed from the home. Her final foster parents couldn’t deal with her angry disposition, and sent her away to boot camp. She loved it. For her, it was a chance to prove she was the strongest. When the time came for her return, she had already decided she would be a Marine. At age 16, she had herself emancipated, and at age 18, she joined the Corps. She is adequate with a firearm, but unmatched in her close- combat prowess. During her down time she can be found sparing with anyone willing to take her on, playing basketball, or training on- base. She has noticed Matthew’s infatuation, and though she admires him as well, she stays silent. She was always too busy fighting to have any relationships, and rejection, therefore, is her Kryptonite.
Name: LCPL Joseph Lau
Age: 24
Height: 5ft. 10in.
Weight: 183lbs.
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
A Lance Corporal in the USMC, and a hacker and weapons specialist for the 306th entry team.
Joseph Lau is the 306th’s resident hacker and weapons specialist. Joseph is your all around gentlemen and nerd. He
is a complete pushover, unless it comes to the safety of his squad and his fiancée. Joseph is a loyal soldier and
a man of tremendous courage when it is required of him. He designs and repairs team weapons. He wasn't always so
brave, though. Little Jo (which Erica still calls him [and only Erica]) was your average wimpy nerd until an
exchange program allowed him to meet Erica Briggs, the woman that would someday become his world, even if she is a little nuts.

Name: SSGT Erica Briggs
Age: 24
Height: 5ft. 6in.
Weight: 142
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
A Staff Sergeant in the USMC, and resident explosives expert for the 306th entry team.
Erica Briggs was the daughter of a Russian fireworks salesman and even though she acts like an emotionless Jarhead, her teammates know just how big her heart really is and that she'd die for them in an instant. Erica was making fireworks at the park (she used to steal supplies from her father when he wasn’t watching) when she saw this sad excuse for a boy being bullied by some kids in her class. After an impressive fireworks display and a few right hooks no one ever bothered Little Jo again. Erica feeds her love of fireworks in a slightly different way now as the teams second in command and explosives expert. Although she is a hardened warrior, when seen around Lau she seems to soften, and her presence somehow gives Lau a surrogate “backbone.”

I have personally revised all these character bios, but all of us at Braindead wrote our own characters. The credit is as follows:

Bradley and Marshall by: Twiggy.
Carter and Morales by: Ares(mamodo20)
Briggs and Lau by: Freddy(Shiro_Nyx)

We sincerely hope you enjoy.

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