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I have a list of faction which are on progressed! this list will show what was completed and what was not!

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Hi there! This is the list of the faction
that was on progress and completed (which is none xD)

More Coding and Adding To Do!

The US
Bit More!

The China

The EU (European Union)

Usually the USA have the most Progress!
The USA was the first faction to be modified!
You could also help me by teaching some technique because
I was new on modding actually I only do modding for about
2 weeks or 3, So a small can help me!
Also Im the only one who develop this mod
and dont have the knowledge to create new models
so I use models from other mods!
If you will give some models that will be awesome it
will help me progress more!


Not knowing how to make models is not excuse to use models from other mods, much less show them off in updates. It would be a different story, if the developers actually gave you permission to use them, but that doesn't seem to be the case.

Anyway, there are a bunch of tutorials here:

And there are tons of public resources here:

I strongly suggest you take down the images of the stuff you don't have permission to use yet. All that they'll bring is negative press.

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