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I apologise: I haven't been on here in a while! But the WAD is coming along nicely...I could use some ideas though...

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I must apologise for my absence: I haven't been on here in a while. So this will just be a small update to keep everyone up to speed. I haven't been able to remake the levels and classes that I lost yet, but I have replaced the lost level with a new one! However progress has slowed down a bit - ideas for the current level have all but ran out, and despite having a long list of ideas none of them can be incorporated into the level (I'm currently working on level 14).

But during this time I have gone back and tweaked most previous levels; balancing difficulty, improving aesthetics, etc. And fear ye not! For I have the next three levels planned out, so progress should pick up once level 14 is done!

If anyone has some ideas that I could try, please let me know! But bear in mind that I am limited by the GZDoom engine. Ta!

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