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It prides me that some of you have been keeping tabs on the development of this game despite the evident lack of information provided by myself. That said, I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you a little.

This game was meant to be a theatrical story-based game. That said, it would mostly be composed of several animations made for specific parts of the story each. The basic game mechanics are easy enough to create; the problem that I'm having is simply the fact that I can't mass produce stunning animations to unravel the story that I shall be presenting soon enough at this time.

Therefore I am going to write a simple program that will record behavioral changes in gyroscopic-based animations and get those effects rolling soon enough. Another bigger problem with game design is creating the massive amounts of terrain. This, I will be working on as well.

For those of you who have developed an interest in this project, you have my gratitude. Therefore I will also be taking the time to update everyone more frequently when I have something of interest to share. Thank you for your intrigue.

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