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Slow progress but we are determined to not sacrifice quality for haste!

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Our progress is very slow , we already know it , especially for a game built in an engine like ACE . but our resources and our royalty free components are either hard-to-find or nowhere-to-find.
We cannot compose music , so we need to find the proper royalty free to use.
And if we find it , we must get the author's permission in order to use it.

These little problems and combined with our jobs/family/real life liabilities are making our work progress extremely slow. But be sure this game will be published. I believe sooner than 6 months from now (but thats unofficial :) )

About the game:

Players starts by viewing the story of the real time we are presenting the game at.
He gets to answer some questions that will determine his class , his main story and his starting city.
That gives the player reasons to re-play the game at least 4 times (SInce we got 4 starting cities atm , which means 4 starting stories).

I dont want to spoil any more things about the story atm.
I would appreciate any ideas or questions , and ofc any visit to our blog.

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