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Another 2 months have passed, and i gonna give you some information about some major changes.

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Okay, so after doing A LOT of tweeking and balancing and fixing in the last weeks(and mainly this week), i wanted to inform you about the major changes that have happened(some of you may already have seen it), and what progress i am making in general.
The background story of the mod has seen some really major changes, most important thing is the changed past of the Phoenix, you should really really read it. Other thing is that the factions will have more or less big changes to their gameplay:

Domain of the Phoenix->Strike precisely and deadly: they will become a far more elitist faction, this means their ships will be far more expensive than they are right now(well okay were, i already started changing that), at the same time they will have better shields, stronger hulls and just overall enhancements. This should fit their background better, as the Phoenix lack the manpower to afford huge fleets, they rather create heavily advanced ships, combining only the best of human manufacturing, amongst others German, Russian, Japanese and Indian engineering. Their ships will still be fast, designed for an aggressive gameplay, and hopefully i will be able to create some kind of synergy between the different ship types, making them focus on teamwork a bit.
This also applies on their fighters and bombers.

Collective Tecteron Republic->Wear them down: The Tecteron will have the simplest of all gameplays. Their ships will be slow, heavily shielded, with strong hulls and weaponry, they can soak up a lot of damage and dish out a lot themselves, making them the best faction for a war of attrition, which is basically what they want. Attacking them directly can end fatal, but due to their low speed they are relatively vulnerable to being outmaneuvered, which you should ALWAYS try to use.
Their fighters will be more focused on quantity than on quality.

Cadanian Republic(Federal Cadanian Republic)->A well-rehearsed team
: The Cadanians are all about synergy. Their fleets are built around the mighty carrier ships, that launch waves of fighters and buff all kinds of other ships around them. These other ships are defending them, using the carrier buffs to deal more damage or soak up a lot of it, while the fighter-bombers do the main job, combining quality and quantity to a fearsomely powerful tool of destruction, and being buffed by other ships that move forward with them.
Generally the Cadanian ships have an under-average weaponry but above-average shields, their hulls are average. The comand ships/carriers are extremely powerful and thus very pricey, what else would you expect? The other ships are relatively cheap, but also not all that strong, they rely on the support of the huge command ships. Just spamming command ships won't help you a lot, as i already mentioned they are very expensive, and they use up a lot of manpower, which means you can only use very few at the same time. And if your enemy uses corvettes, the fighter-bombers will actually have problems. So you need corvette-hunter ships to counter them, and this goes on.
As you can see the Cadanians have to think about how they build their fleets, they have to plan, but if they do everything right they can be a real powerhouse.

Democratic Vuun Realms->Exotic, innovative, elitist: The Vuun suffer heavily from their lack of manpower and resources, and cannot afford huge fleets just like the Phoenix, but their ships are even more elitist than those of the Phoenix. Every attribute of their ships is at least average, their shields are strong, their engines comparable to that of the Phoenix. This allows them to use the Caracolla formation, moving a ship forward and letting it shoot, then retreat, to minimize their losses. The Vuun also have lots of fancy special weapons, their fighter-bombers are mind-controlled drones, they employ plasma guns and other weapons, that no one else in the galaxy uses, and additionally they can weaken their enemies with psychological warfare.
The Vuun are true pioneers, they rely on highly advanced engineering that can easily compete with that of the Phoenix, as well as their special strategies like the Caracolla formation, and their exotic special weapons and psychological warfare add some flavour to this.

The Entersians->Hit and Run/Hit and Hide: Though not playbable, i will also mention the Entersians as important part of the story. This faction appears in the campaign occasionally, influencing the happenings, and sometimes attacking the player.
The Entersians employ huge guns that can devastate entire ships with one shot, if they hit, but have long reload times. But that is no problem, as they have enough time to reload, while the ship cloaks, moving away, and then uncloaks to shoot again. The Entersians also use psychological warfare, trying to demoralize their enemy.

That's about it for now, i hope i was able to give you a good picture of the different factions and their playstyle.
My last point is the actual progress. I have tweaked the skirmish AI, and that was a full success, i even think i have to nerf it again, as playing against the AI is at least on Hard a real cruelty and almost not to win.
Other than that the HardPoints have been improved, sometimes parallel ones had different stats, which was really dumb.
For the Beta release i still need to finish the galaxy, but right now i felt like this was more important.

Stay tuned for more!

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