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So far i have created several new units, using mostly the models already created for the original Dark Crusade or Dawn of War

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- Space Marines: added the sm sniper which consists of a veteran scout equipped with a superior version of the sniper rifle, this unit is pretty good against infantry at a good range but is easily killed in close combat. Retinue unit was added to accompany commanders to battle, this unit consists of 4 sergeants and has a simmilar fighting role to seer council from Eldar.
- Imperial Guard: new unit Imperial Renegades, these unit consists of guardsmen who were expelled from the usual Guard military structure after fighting in devastating battles against the powers of Chaos, they were considered extremely faithful by the Inquisition and so were placed under the command of Inquisitors, they are powerful guardsmen like units that come from infantry command at full numbers but have limited availability. Inquisitor, powerful commander unit taken from original DoW is now used to fight for the Imperial Guard to keep the men under inquisition. Added unit Colonel, also from the original DoW, this commander can inspire men to fight harder and new techs provide him better combat capabilities. Added Veterans unit, which consists of guardsmen sergeants who are lead by a field medic, slightly more balanced than guardsmen but still weak. The civilian medic unit was added, this unit can be attached to your squads or be close to them to improve healing of all squads close enough, BEWARE though he is a civilian with no combat capabilities.
- Chaos: added the cultist healer which is a cultist with special healing powers coming directly from the dark gods, it is a weak unit although equipped with a plasma gun.
- Eldar:added the Warp Spyder Hero unit which consists of one of the oldest and most efficient warp spyder exarchs in the eldar armies.
- Necrons: added the sergeant-like entity Necron Veteran, this powerful warrior simmilar to the necron lord leads necron squads being mostly powerful in close combat.
- Orks: some techs were brought back from the deads and other new techs were added.
- Tau: added Crisis Mech unit, basically a crisis suit unit that was a test-subject in an experimental procedure to enlarge things, the result was a super powerful ranged unit that uses vehicle cap. Added the Support Mech a powerful support vehicle recruitable when you choose the path of the patient hunter.
- I've finnaly learned to edit textures so some things will probably receive a touch here and there.

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