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We're back to work, atleast I am, and a lot has to be done. I´ll post a list here of what has to be done. It´s more than that it looks.

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I'll try to give you all an idea of what needs to be done.

Recoding all hardpoints on all ships and stations,
Recoding all ships,
Coding in several units like the trimith (or something like that) corvette and the new starbases,
Skinning things like the republic starbase, the sith military frigate and the leviathan,
Putting in some new textures by Burntstrobe and Nawrocki,
Moddefying some models, like the Centurion Destroyer,
Rigging some models like the Republic starbase and the Leviathan,

All this is very time consuming. I´ve already started to recode the hardpoints of the Ebon Hawk and the Centurion, and while testing it I noticed the Centurion needs more hardpoints, and so the work piles up, but it feels good to be back to work, since the last few weeks have been very Starcraft II intensive, plus I have to boast up my school results, which takes time aswell. All put togather I didn´t feel like modding at all, but as always it catches up to you eventually. So...lets get back to work, and that´d be it, just letting you all know I´m working on it again.

Expect some serious awesome textures for nebulae, planets and units from Nawrocki and Burntstrobe in the very near future.


cool story bro, glad to see you working again :)

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he has been working on it all the time!
also it's the trireme corvette.

are 'my' hammerhead mk2 and sith carrier going to be in the next release?

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ah if you dont feel like it do some work and take a break it can be very fustrating doing lots of work even more so when there are sooo many friggin bugs :/

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Jeroenimo Author

Well the hammerhead MK II is still under construction by Azwraith, though he hasn't contacted me in a while. The trireme is being coded ingame, and I still plan to work on the Carrier.

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