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What's been happening lately. Game progress, and more news next week.

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Ok, it's been a while since we've given you all any news of what's happening gamewise.
So now it's time for an info dump.
Since the last post, Self.destroy has rewritten the engine twice, once because of a total system falure and then again when he realised there was a smarter way to do it. tarkine and myself have finished working out the exploration logic, level progression math and the crew member math, although this may all need tweaking before release. We are currently working on the decorative text for planets and encounters, then will be the hub text and character descriptions.
The first build is about 75-80 percent functionally built and should only take another day or two of work.
It may seem that we're progressing very slowly and this is due to all of us having other jobs and some of us working rather odd hours, we've only actually had about 4 and a half sit down and work days, otherwise it's usually just one or two of us that will write a few notes and discuss it when we next see each other.

Anyway, we should be able to get another day next week and have some more news and maybe pictures then.

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